Setting the Table for your Three Course Meal

by Administrator Friday, April 27, 2018 9:20 AM

In an April 6thBlog Post by Ron Jackson and John Enticknap, published in AcuKwik’s FBO Connection, Ron and John wrote about a Three Course Meal for FBO Customer Service Success.  The three courses were Attitude, Anticipation and Action.  While the authors are correct in what they portray, they are only focused on the human layer of delivering those three courses. Admittedly, it is ultimately the most important aspect, but how you equip your staff can have a tremendous effect on their ability to deliver the meal effectively.

 Could a software program have an effect on your customer service?  If so how much?  Let’s take a look:

  • ATTITUDE – Surely not…how could a computer program have an effect on a CSR’s attitude?Well, if a demanding customer is at the counter trying to check out, and the antiquated system is slow, cumbersome and doesn’t allow for simple, intuitive processing of a transaction, your CSR’s are sure to get frustrated, and that frustration is likely to manifest itself in a poor customer service attitude.  When it does, your customers will notice.  On the other hand, an effective, easy to use program frees them to address customers’ needs with a smile on their face.
  • ANTICIPATION – a good program, with the functionality to store and access customer notes quickly and track customer activity, allows your entire team to anticipate customers preferences and add that special touch to their experience, like remembering their birthday, or surprising them with a favorite treat. It will also let your team track the status of their service orders, and set customer expectations appropriately, avoiding any unexpected surprises.  This is the type of service level that people talk about, and we all know that word of mouth is the best type of advertising.
  • ACTION – with a good attitude and the knowledge and ability to anticipate your customers every need and desire, they are ready to take quick and effective action, making the customer experience at your FBO a five-star experience.

You can now see that giving your Customer Service team the right tools are part of the recipe for your three-course meal.  If it’s time to give your FBO Management software an upgrade, visit www.essintaWINGS.comto find out how we can provide you with a complete, reliable and easy to use FBO Point of Sale and Management system. EssintaWINGS is brought to you by the creators of FBO Manager, so you can have confidence in our knowledge of the industry and our ability to do the job.


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