essintaWINGS new version April 15, 2018

by Administrator Monday, April 16, 2018 10:31 AM
  • Fuel Updates
    • "Wireless Fuel - do not append tickets" What this means if each time a ticket comes in from the wireless fuel system it creates a new invoice whether or not there is an open invoice in the system. Thus, if you have 5 separate fuelings you will now have five separate invoices. To use this feature go to Configuration/Locations and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click the check box to append or not append.
    • "Do not reset fuel meters after 3 days" -- if you are using manual tickets we blank/force a meter entry after three days. You can override this now and always display the last fuel meter. To use this feature go to Configuration/Locations and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click the check box to reset or not reset.
  • Email Updates
    • EssintaWINGS has relied on our SMTP credentials to send your invoice emails and reports. Now, you can configure your own server settings. This is critically important as it will help ensure delivery from your servers. To setup email:
      • 1) go to Configuration/Locations
      • 2) Scroll to the middle of the screen and locate the SMTP settings
      • 3) Enter your user name and password
      • 4) Enter your host name and port
      • 5) Save the information
      • 6) To test, go to the main screen and click an invoice, send it to yourself.
  • FlightBridge Integration
    • Imagine a FlightBridge reservation coming in and instantly viewing that in essintaWINGS. Now, if the tail number is not part of the database we can automatically add the tail number based on the information from the reservation. Setup is easy!! Just contact us so we can add this for your.

What else is new?

(1) Modified mutliple pilots per transaction on AVTRIP; (2) added printing loyalty receipts; (3) tightened up fuel meter screen on invoices to make it ken proof; (4) modified expiration date and added error checking to validate numbers on credit card screen; (5) Added SMTP credentials so emails come from user's server and will avoid spam or phishing problems; (6) expanded the date range on the salesreport listing table; (7) Added a filter to sales by customer, tail number, product so the customer can be selected; (8) Added a switch so unused fuel meters do not blank out after 3 days but instead hold their value (user configurable); (9) Added a user configurable switch for wireless fuel automation users so the choice can be made to append to open tickets or create a new ticket when using Veeder Root, Liquid Controls, and TCS


(1) Pushed major update with credit cards for EPIC, Shell, Avfuel intact; (2) updated security code on manual payments; (3) verified avfuel transactions on test environment; (4) loyalty (AeroClass/AVTRIP): (a) validated AVTRIP card length; (b) default the points amount when picking from the pulldown box; (c) added code to delete a row on the loyalty screen; (5) fixed print customer account balances;

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