EssintaWINGS Certified To Accept Shell Aviation Cards

by Administrator Tuesday, February 27, 2018 9:07 PM

EssintaWINGS Certified To Accept Shell Aviation Cards



DATE: 27 Feb 2018

CONTACT: John Nelson, President

(386) 256-8537

Port Orange, FL - EssintaWINGS developed by John Nelson, formerly of FBO Manager software, has been certified to accept Shell Aviation cards and all other payment forms accepted through the Eastern Aviation payment gateway. Shell customers began processing on the EssintaWINGS system on Feb. 27, 2018. Shell branded FBO locations now have a modern aviation point of sale transaction processing software option.

“Over the past 11 years, John Nelson has helped us provide the high quality service we’re known for,” said Dan DeMeo, CEO of Rabbit Aviation Services. “With EssintaWINGS, we’ll be even faster and more mobile. It’s easy to setup and learn, delivers in-depth reports quickly, and integrates with QuickBooks. With our Veeder-Root EMR3 equipped trucks, the fuel logging and billing process from ramp to terminal is now completely automated; no radio calls or extra action needed to get billing done. Isn’t that what we’re here for? To make fuel stops easy, quick and accurate?”

EssintaWINGS provides easy invoicing, customer tracking and fast, reliable processing, all through an easy to use interface that you can learn in minutes.  With sales reporting, credit card and contract fuel processing, FBO’s can monitor their business or process invoices from any anywhere.  EssintaWINGS is a true web enabled application that operates on any device, including phones, tablets, and both Apple and Windows computers.  

EssintaWINGS can also process payments transactions directly to bank card providers, use the Avfuel Payment Gateway, and is nearing certification with other fuel brands.

“As a former FBO Manager user, I was so happy to learn that John Nelson had created another FBO Software package.  The similarities between the two programs is immediately obvious.   Having a program designed by someone who understands our industry is invaluable.   Integrated with Veeder Root fuel ticket automation, EssintaWINGS is poised to become a leading software option in the FBO Industry”, says Betsy Wines, V.P. Customer Service and Human Resources at Meridian Teterboro.

Nelson has brought two decades of FBO software development and assembled an experienced team to EssintaWINGS. Since its debut in 2017, EssintaWINGS has led the aviation industry in innovations such as fuel automation with Veeder-Root, FlightBridge reservations connectivity, transaction based QuickBooks data integration, and online credit card processing.

For more information on the EssintaWINGS software visit or call (386) 256-8537.

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