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We are differentiated from our competition by the simplicity with which we deliver complex functionality.

John Nelson, President Essinta Labs, Inc. (former founder of FBO Manager)

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About Us

Although simple, everything you need to run an efficient sales process is here for your company. In 1992 our development team introduced its first aviation software program for small clubs and partners.

In 1996 Nelson used FBO Manager to disrupt the FBO industry using pen and paper and DOS computers.

After selling the company in 2006, hardware and software technology has finally caught up to our vision for great FBO Management software. Traditional Point of Sale systems are archaic and complex, relying on technology from last decade.

  • Any Time, Any Place: True web enabled application. We have a multi-tenancy database and have built a platform independent application
  • We have a multi-tenancy database and have built a platform independent application.
  • Tail Numbers, Discounts, Taxes are all intuitively entered. Train your CSR's and Line team quickly and reduce errors.

Your customers want a painless, precise, and perfect experience. Your front counter team requires confidence. That confidence comes from our team's success and knowledge having built FBO Software systems for over twenty years.

Product Featuress

Fuel Managerment

Check your fuel inventory on your phone or tablet. Even enter tickets.

Robust Accounting

Connect to QuickBooks, Sage, MAS90, Great Plains or export data.

Fuel Card Payments

Certified with EPIC, Avfuel, Shell. Process contract fuel cards and run Bravo, Avtrip, and Aeroclass Awards.

Work Order

Easy, intuitive, and effective work order system to track your mechanics.

It's all about the Quickturn and Inventory

Front Desk Operations should flawlessly feed your accounting department

Your front desk personnel need quick, easy to use software that makes quick turns PERFECT! Select an invoice by tail number or customer. Select fuel, enter a meter reading and gallons are instantly calculated.

With essintaWINGS your CSRs and fuelers make fewer mistakes, thus reconciling your accounting is easy. What might take several hours each morning in another system takes just minutes. Our accounting includes tail number tracking, fuel company credit card processing, contract fuel support, into plane fees, and fuel inventory tracking.

We have everything you need to run your FBO!

Fuel Inventory: automated imports from Veeder-Root, TCS, and our propertiery system. Even import your siteminder data! Manage Commingle (airline and into plane) inventory with ease.

Fuel Taxes: we know tax on tax, tax per gallon and percentage based taxes. Some customers pay state tax, and some don't - we can handle it!

Fuel Discounts: We have every discount method you can imagine - retail minus unit and percentage, cost plus unit and percentage, tiered quantity discounts unique for each customer.

Watch the essintaWINGS demonstration video to learn how easy it is to use.

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Download our e-book to learn what your FBO software should be doing for you. This eBook is packed with my advice and experience with successfully transitioning an FBO off of legacy FBO point of sale software. I know what works and what doesn't. .

Did we Mention?

EssintaWINGS can handle every aspect of your business,there is even more we can do!

Fast Transactions

Card on file payment types are saved and automate your front desk.

Digital Signature

Effortlessly capture signatures at the counter and comply with pole display regulations.

Periodic Billing

Automate your monthly hangar, office, and tiedown billings. Even save to card on file.

Make/Model Fee Schedule

Just setup your hangar, ramp, and other services by make and model. Pricing is automated by tail number.


EssintaWINGS isn't free, but we have pricing for FBOs of all sizes. Just click the get started button to setup a free demo, NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED.


$149 month

  • Single Location
  • 1 Credit Card Terminal Access
  • 3 Concurrent Users
  • Customer/Tail Number Tracking
  • Reporting, Fuel Module
  • Accounting exports
  • Online Support, fee based
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  • Single Location
  • Credit Card Terminal Access
  • Unlimited Concurrent Users
  • Customer/Tail Number Tracking
  • Fuel Module (unlimited assets)
  • Self-Serve Fuel Import
  • Periodic Billing (unlimited)
  • Tail Number Fee Schedule
  • Accounting exports
  • Online Support, fee based
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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? Just send us an email!

  • We are certified with Avfuel, EPIC and Shell gateways to process your credit cards. This means you swipe, settle and get paid just like you normally do. EssintaWINGS will handle your conract fuel cards, properly keeping the pricing information and displaying ZERO dollars on the invoice.

  • Invoices can be emailed directly from the syste, When you produce statements we even have a function to email the statement and invoices directly to the customers. For a regular ticket/invoice a customer's email address is captured during the sales process and stored with the customer profile for future reference.

  • We have a multiple partners including TCS and Veeder Root for fuel automation. We are also partnered and integrated with FlightBridge.

  • We are the sales and receivables side of your accounting system. Thus, EssintaWINGS produces invoices, sales reports, and G/L information. You can produce customer statements in the program. We track your accrued sales tax liabilities. What we do not do is manage your depreciation and payroll - large companies like ADP are far better at this than we ever could be.

  • Imagine an aircraft coming onto your ramp and your line personnel fueling the aircraft. When the line person pushes Finish the transaction data is captured and sent to EssintaWINGS. What we do is validate the tail number against the tail number database on hand. If a match is found that customer's taxes and pricing are applied. If not, we use a "valued customer" and create an invoice. Furthermore, if there is an existing ticket for the tail number we APPEND the data, otherwise we just start a new ticket.

Our Team

It takes a team to build great software. And, it takes an experienced team to build FBO software!

John R. Nelson,Esq.,P.E.


Ken Edwards

Vice President Sales

Levi Coblentz



We are a Florida Corporation, based in Port Orange. Feel free to reach out to us and learn more about our company.

PO Box 291791
Port Orange, FL 32129


+386 256 8537

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